How to Ride Nagasaki Bus

1What bus should I take?

Check the destination of the bus, which is indicated on its front or near its back door.
Get on the bus from the back door.

2Put the Smart Card(IC Card) on the reader or take a numbered ticket!

If you use Smart Card(IC Card) for payment, put the card on the pink section of the reader.
If you pay by cash, one-day pass, or the Daytime Free Pass, take a numbered ticket.

3Observe the following when riding the bus:

Your consideration to others is appreciated.
Do not lean on or hold your hand out of the window.
If you are not seated, hold a nearby pole or strap.

4Where should I get off the bus?

The name of the next stop is displayed to the upper left of the fare table.
It is also announced just before the bus arrives at the stop.

5Press the ring button.

Press the ring button when you intend to get off at the next stop.

6How much is the fare?

When you put your numbered ticket in the fare box, the fare is displayed near the box. Put the fare in the box.
If you are using one-day pass or the Free Pass, show the ticket or the pass to the driver. If you are using a Smart Card(IC Card), put the card on the pink plate near the fare box. The fare for the applicable section of line traveled is automatically deducted.

7When you get off the bus

Get off from the front door. Be careful not to run into pedestrians or bicycles.
  • If you are a primary school pupil, inform the driver before paying your fare or using your Smart Card(IC Card).
  • The fare box does not give change.
  • You can change 1,000-, 500-, 100-, and 50-yen bills or coins on board the bus.
    However, you cannot change 10,000- or 5,000-yen bills.

One-Day Pass

Enjoy sightseeing around the city with a One-Day Pass!

This ticket can be used for one day of unlimited bus rides within the designated area of Nagasaki City.
Please use if for sightseeing, shopping or your work.
One-day pass for Nagasaki City sightseeing
Adults 500yen Children up to 12 years
one-day ticket

How to use the pass

For your first trip, use a coin or other to rub off the silver parts for the month and day that you are using the pass and then take a numbered ticket as you board the bus.
When you leave the bus, tear off the first ride ticket on the right edge of the one-day pass and place it in the fare box with the numbered ticket.
From your second trip on a bus, take a numbered ticket as you board. When you leave the bus, place the numbered ticket in the fare box and show the date part of your one-day pass to the bus staff.

【Where to purchase a one-day pass】

  • Shinchi service center
  • Cocowalk service center
  • Nagasaki City Tourist Information Center (Inside Nagasaki station)
  • Hamaya ticket agency
  • Nagasaki Bus Kanko head office (Nameshi)
  • Each Nagasaki Bus business office